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Looks nice, is a bit faster but the old bugs are still here

I have just installed fedora 8. The first impression is that it is slightly faster than fedora 7. The artwork has changed and it has a new theme, now it is more visually appealing.

I had no problems installing, it took less than 30 minutes and it detected all my hardware, this wasn't possible with fedora 6 and even fedora 7 had some problems with my hardware. The problem was with the new hardware, and even if the kernel included drivers very fast, it took time and testing before the new kernel could be used. I know because I tested many of linux distributions and fedora was one of the few that detected all my hardware.

But the same annoying bug seems to be present in fedora 8 also, when I put my machine to sleep it doesn't wakeup, my screen goes blank and my computer stops responding, the only way to make it "wake up" is to hit the reset button.

Let's move on bugs. This version includes Gnome 2.20.1 that has a new slick interface, the rest seems to be the same. The version of firefox is included witch is almost the last version lacks 64 bit flash plugin, but this problems comes from Adobe, witch still didn't release a 64 flash plugin. We have the 32 bit version, but I don't like legacy stuff, I have a 64 bit machine and I want to take profit from that. The most annoying thing about navigating the web with linux is fonts, most sites look horrible because they where designed for verdana, tahoma or other microsoft fonts. If you have a windows license, as I have, you can install microsoft fonts and this problems disappears.

At the time of writing this the "Add/Remove Software" does not work, it cannot connect to fedora website to check for updates. I hope it will be soon fixed, I want to install some software that I forgot to check when I first installed fedora.

Another problem that I faced is that when I selected "radeon" from "Display Manager" (Yes I have an ATI Radeon 1600 video card), my screen goes blank and a message appears that says there was an error, then asks for permission to try to redetect my settings but it fails. I solved this problem by modifying the xorg.conf manually using nano and reverting "radeon" back to the default "vesa" driver. I will try tomorrow to install the AMD driver, hope I will get more lucky.

Overall I like fedora 8 better than fedora 7, but I am a little disappointed that those bugs are still there, I hope they will be fixed soon.

Update My microsoft natural keyboard special keys now also work on fedora, I can control volume control from my keyboard, the other keys don't work yet

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Rahul Sundaram

The mirror list should work again. A hardware failed in the Fedora data center but has been replaced now. For the bugs, have you actually filed any bug reports instead of just hoping they would be aware of it and fixing it all by themselves? It would be useful to participate and file good bug reports on problems you find. Helps others keep track of the issues too.

Posted on 2007-11-09 09:17:53

"At the time of writing this the "Add/Remove Software" does not work, it cannot connect to fedora website to check for updates I hope it will be soon fixed, I want to install some software that I forgot to check when I first installed fedora."

Those are not bug. Fedora 8 is just released so it is better to wait before applying update.

Posted on 2007-11-09 02:06:22

have been using fedora for past year and a half or so. started with fedora core 4, then jumped directly to fedora 7 and now using fedora 8.
as far as my experience goes, fedora core 4 was more stabler than fedora 7 and fedora 8. currently am using 64 bit version.
even if these problems persist i am a strong supporter of fedora.

the problems am facing now,

when running "compiz" and a desktop clock with some added GUI effects, crashes even when kept idle for some minutes.

this is one major problem am facing now with this 64 bit.

felt 32 bit version is more stabler than 64 bit version

better detection of hardware
auto mounting of windows partitions
works bit faster than fedora 7

all i hope is to have a very stable version of fedora which can run non-stop with all latest gui effects as well as working as a server. in other words i should be a rugged operating system which can withstand all heavy loads and yet perform without any hiccups.

this is just a suggession, not a bug. it is a common problem.

hope to see a better version of 64 bit


Posted on 2008-03-21 20:02:43

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